March 8th, 2008


Okay...Now That Was the Week From Hell...

But it is over...Seriously non productive all week, especially once I made the decision to take next week off and go to visit my sisters and get that furniture.

I hate meetings...

When I went to bed last night *this morning*, The downstairs furnace was cooking away, downstairs was warm as toast.

When I got up *later* this morning the MoFo was blowing cold air.

Up into the attic *I never have understood why it is necessary to put the furnace(s) in the frickin' attic here in Texas ~ stupid idea if you ask me ~ but there you are* a little while ago and sure enough, the pilot had blown out.

It took me awhile to assemble the tools to do the job:
Wrench ✓
Ratchet with 5/16th socket ✓
Long reach lighter ✓
Matches ✓
Hemostats ✓
Electric screwdriver ✗
Slot screwdriver✓
Lamp ✓
Head lamp ✓

Why in the hell did they put the damned thing in the most inconvenient place possible? After a few choice words about that, I managed to contort myself into a position where I could hold the reset button down strike a match and get it to where it would do the most good. Got the pilot lit and promptly forgot that I needed to hold the reset button down for ⌚at least a minute⌚, and let up on it and *poof* out it went!

*Wash, rinse, repeat*

Turned the gas off, waited a minute or two, and tried again...Held the f'in button down for a minute or two. Success!

So we won't *relatively speaking* freeze our asses now...

Got an errand or two to run today:

❃ Need to get a B-Day card for friend Michele. And deliver it too as I'll be out of town on the actual day.

❃ A spare battery for the laptop ($$$$ - sigh) for my trip...Need one anyway

❃ And I want to look at sling bags for it too. If they ain't too expensive and I can find one large enough for it and all my *accessories*. Oh and it has to be *cool* looking as well. *grins* Picky, picky, PICKY, T's.

Question for the friends list: Any one ever been to a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral? I gots questions...There's supposed to be a Shuttle launch on Tuesday, and I'm thinkin' about going...That would be so cool!

Outta here!
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Mission Accomplished

Got my spare battery. It's charging now. Had to hit two stores to find one though. Micro Center was out of them. Had to go to Fry's Electronics to get one. *Darn!*

Well you know that's about my favorite electronics shop here in town any way. It was the same price as The Fruit Company charges. Also picked up a CD case so I can carry a game or two and a movie or five!

I'll be taking BSG Razor with me, pi! Maybe I can watch it on the plane(s)

Picked up a Mac Case Sling while I was at MicroCenter this afternoon. Pretty nice. Compact. I should be able to get my gear in there too. Might be a little tight, but I think most of it will fit with room for my latest copy of MacWorld! And like I saw in a review, it doesn't scream "I have an expensive mac in here ~ Steal ME!" Of course, if you leave any laptop unattended it will disappear.

By the way the photo ain't linked.

Here's the 411:
* First Ever Apple Specific Sling- Radical, completely original design.
* Extreme, compact design made from waterproofed, proprietary nylon, with padded dual compartments and three way padded shoulder strap.
* MacCase exclusive BRIGHTSIGHT interior design makes finding things easier.
* Built in padded Sleeve, padded floor and padded rear panel with breathable mesh foam.
* Front compartment iPod/ cell phone pocket, large mesh accessory pocket.

I'll do a report on the sling after I've carried it a few miles *grins*. The BRIGHTSIGHT interior would seem to be a good touch, though. Ever had to fumble around looking for something in the black interior of a standard laptop bag? I have and you can't really find anything easily. There's a bright neon lime fabric panel in both of the main pockets. Don't know if it really helps, but I plan to find out next week. I don't think this bag is gonna be big enough to hold my camera when fully packed though. If there's a way to manage that, I'll find it.

And now for a few words about cable management. I am really fit to be tied when it comes to cable clutter. *grins* It makes me a little crazy...On that note (or knot!) I found and picked up a half dozen Cableyoyo's by bluelounge. Blue Lounge seems to have a few really good ideas. But let's talk about cableyoyo's:

These jewels are pretty cool, too. Every gadget you get (or I get) seems to have a six foot cable. Pretty soon your desktop looks like a nest of cord snakes! This is where the Cableyoyo comes in.

Here's the 411 on Cableyoyo's:

You wrap the cord around the center of the thing like you would a yoyo string. No muss, no fuss. Leave one end of the cable out with enough slack so you can plug in one end to whatever and you are good to go.

They even come with a little adhesive pad so you can stick them to something. For instance if you are using them with a cell phone charger you could just stick the yoyo to the power brick for the thing. Then you just unreel enough to get it to the port on your phone. Neat! Oh, by the way maximum diameter for your cables is 5mm. That's about the size of a standard iPod USB cable! Cableyoyo will not handle a standard power cord.

Sliced bread has got nothing on this stuff!
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