March 14th, 2008


My Bags Are Not Packed, I'm Not Ready To Go...

But the truck is packed. Thanks and a tip o' the stetson to my B-I-L for taking time out of his busy day to give me a hand loading the truck up.

I've had a prety nice visit with my sister J, her husband G, and their two girls M and E. Also visited with my other sister for an evening and her two girls O and H.

My time here is winding down though. I find that I don't really want to go home. I'm going...But I just don't really want to.

The two day drive should give me some time to get my thoughts together...

Didn't take too many pictures this time. Or do too many posts as my internet time was severly limitied.

Still - It's been a good trip...So far.
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