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March 21st, 2008

It Pays To Know The Bartender...

Wandered into one of the restuarants after work in my little part of Houston the other night. Honestly, I've been working such odd hours lately I ain't even sure what day it was..Wednesday maybe. And sat at the bar. Guess I'm getting to be a regular in there because the bartender seems to know me.

We chit chat while I'm looking over the menu and sipping on my beer. Bartenders always have the scoop...and the poop. 

Any way I place my order. She goes away and does whatever it is she does when she's not talkin' to me.

In walks this pair of (I hope) twenty somethings and has a seat at the bar. The 'tender obviously knows them. Sounds like they went to High School together or something. My friend the bartender is a very nice person. These two girls seems to be snobby little snots. But the three of them seem to get along just fine.

One of them orders a strawberry Margarita. And it goes into a big schooner type glass. But there's a little left. So my bartender friend asks me if I want the rest.

Sure...Who am I to argue. Holey crap! There must have been a quater of a bottle of tequila in there. Glad I didn't get the whole thing. You can barely taste any fruity goodness.

The other one orders a melon Marg...Sounds awful...Again there was a little left over. And I get it. WoOt! It was okay. I wouldn't order one but...

i watch these three interact for a while. My friend the tender is obviously going out with these two after she gets off work.

She mixes and "Experiemental" drink for the three of us. Comes frozen. Sour Grape stuff of some kind, mixed with Stolies and well blended. Served in a cocktail glass. It was pretty good actually.

Time for me to go. I pay up. Nothing on my bill except my food and a glass of water.

Got a pretty good buzz just for the cost of my dinner...Heh!


Hey BSG Fans!

Got a spare $7900?... If you do, you could own your very own Cylon.

Via The Green Head


Top 10 Reasons to Watch BSG's New Season

From The Late Show with David Letterman. The Cast of BSG does a top 10 list!

Suppose I'm late on this one but what the hell.

via gizmodo

I'm a little behind on my RSS feeds.


How dirty is your mind?


Oh My Stars and Garters!

 This young man is lucky to be alive but he's proud - bless his heart!


Now this is Greatness!

Too bad she seems to have been a one hit wonder...But this video with John Lippowitz is great!

Torn by Johan Lippowitz with Natalie Imbruglia


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