March 23rd, 2008


Happy Easter Y'all!

Hope y'all are hale, hearty and *mostly* happy on this day!

March is bonus month at The Big Clam, and as such, I gave myself a treat yesterday. Bought a new car stereo and speakers. Pioneer Car Audio


*I can has my musik?*

It has an iPod interface*WOOT!* which comes in through the glove box. It is actually a USB port with an iPod adapter. So fine...And when I get a new car this particular piece of equipment will be going with me I think. You can control the iPod functions and playback through the stereo or remote. And it *charges* the device as well...

Has a front Aux Port as well...All the bells and whistles it seems.

Yes, it has a freakin' remote. Such a silly thing to have in a car, it seems, but you can get to most of the functions through the remote. As with any new piece of equipment there is a learning curve. The user interface is actually cleaner through the remote, for me as yet, anyway.

I had tried albeit unsuccessfully to mod the old stereo for iPod use. Then I had bought one of those FM tunebase thingies but it just doesn't do the trick for me. Too many variables. And static. And hiss. The new has solved ALL of these issues.

Just need to figure out the optimal sound settings for my car...I just love new toys! Time to RTFM!

Went to the The Offspring's Company's new play production last night. I worked box office for them on Thursday night and as such didn't get to see the play as my girl is such a slave driver *grins*

Funny - I stepped outside to have a smoke at one point - I was within' direct sight of my station and could deal with patrons as they came up - The kid busted me ~ told me I was "the worst employee"

I retorted with, "Shugah, I ain't no employee ~ I'm a volunteer" Heh! Got a huge laugh from the company present. Most of which were standing out in front of the theatre with me...The Offspring was not amused. Or didn't appear to be so anyway. I had a huge time working the box office though. Theatre going and participating folk are such fun!

Oh and I *heh!* got my name on the playbill! House Staff ~ but I'm still there...Been a long friggin' time since I have seen that! *grins*

cadona (She is The Offspring 's mother. So we have history) was working the box office last night. She had told me this was a stupid, stupid play. It was written by a twenty something that is also a member of the company. I thought it was terrifically funny. But then again I have kind of a strange sense of humor sometimes.

Hung around after and helped them strike the set. They were having a cast party after to which I was invited ~ but I elected to go on to the house. I was tired.

I took a couple of pictures while we were doing the strike. Interesting to take pictures in a place that is painted entirely black. I'll be interested to see how they come out. *They are still in the camera*
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