April 14th, 2008


At the 59 diner in Stafford, Texas

And I wish I'd known they had wifi here. Would have brought my laptop. The keyboard on the iPhone leaves a little something to be desired. Not that I'm bitching! Phone has been my constant companion over the last few days, in my self imposed exile. *grins* And I'm getting used to it!

Nothing like a good, stick to your ribs breakfast. Probably not good for me. Still gotta be better than he usual crap I get. Not caring today, though. Got a doctor's appointment later today. Not my favorite way to spend my day off. Must be done, though.

Honestly, in this day and age, why would any one be without web access? Even dial-up would have been okay at this point! Luddites!

Oh and I found a dollar right outside the front door of this joint! On my way in. Probably means something, don't you think?

I've got a lot to say, just not on this tiny keyboard.

To My Luddites With Much Love...

I guess I don't need to worry overmuch about R & M reading this. *heh*

My guess is the house was built in the 60's or early 70's. Y'all have been living in this house for over twenty years. And good lord! It shows...Not in an entirely bad way, but y'all need to shed some stuff. Been a long time since I've spent a serious amount of time in a house that was filled to bursting with "stuff". Every closet (I assume), every corner in most of the rooms, is crammed full.

Your dogs are spoiled rotten (I was up at 6:30 this morning making turkey pastrami broth for God's sake!) and not just with the food thing either.

I can see how you fell and broke your arm, M! I've stepped on your little black dog twice in the dark now. Nearly broke my neck the last time too! I learned it pays to turn on a light when arising out of bed...

I arose this morning mostly because Sparky wouldn't take no for an answer when I told him (mostly politely) that I wasn't willing to share my bed with him. I was surrounded by dogs! 2 at my feet. One sitting next to me. Argh...

I love the 50 foot oak tree in your back yard. Always have. And I love your backyard!

Every cupboard in the kitchen is crammed full of stuff. How much of it have you actually used in the last year or so? Did ya have to bury the coffee maker so deep I hadda get a shovel to dig it out? Hehehehe...Kitchen could do with an update...

Even the garage is packed full ~ although you can still get your baby Lexus in there, so you are still one up on me! *grins*

Given me serious food for thought about how much stuff people need or use.


The only soap I could find was in a shoe box under the bathroom sink. How many hotels did you have to visit in order to get that much? Jeebus! Right under that was another box labeled "Shampoo" Didn't go there...Brought my own...

On the subject of bathrooms ~ The shower is just about a trickle ~ Need to look into that kids!

The cable thing? Suppose I could get used to it. If I had to.

The internet thing? Unacceptable punishment...*LOL!*

Not sure whether I'll pack it up today and go home or not. I haven't heard from you to know whether or not you'll be home today. If I haven't heard after my doctor's appointment, I'll give you a call. Would ya answer the damned phone this time?

It has been really nice having all this time to hang out by myself. In spite of the dogs! *heh* And they are only mildly intrusive. They certainly do love to have humans about...

Much love,
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Well THAT was an Experience...


Back at the hacienda now...

Just checkin' in. Did I miss anything important? Better leave me a comment if I did!

Civilization! In the frickin' BURBS! Whodathunkit!

I liked being closer in, but hell. That feeling of "Keep the doors and windows locked...It ain't safe!" sucks...To think I used to not have a problem with that...

That edginess...Dunno...But I'm glad to be home. Such as it is...At least my back door is unlocked...Until I go to bed.