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April 16th, 2008

So Hang On To Your Seats!

 Coming soon from TexasT's: My Unvarnished Review of the iPhone!

I know you can hardly stand the suspense! *grins*

Listening to

Barrack and Hillary go toe to toe on ABC. Seriously civilized they are...

Slugfest? I don't think so. Their views are too close together I think.



The camera...

Finally had to move the icon off the main screen. Apparently I kept hitting the icon either putting the phone in the holster, Or when taking it out.

At any rate, about half of the time when removing it from the holster, instead of seeing the startup screen, I’d see the camera screen.

Xposted at there and mac again.

Yanked from

The ever changing popfiend

Your Slogan Should Be

Texast's. Live the Pleasure.

Heh! Heh!


Did Anyone Else Watch the Debate Tonight?

Towards the end. Last question or so. Hillary had one the toss so Charlie asked her the question first. Something along the lines of What would you say to the delegates?

The smile on her face?? Brrr! She must have a smiling coach.

I gotta say when she smiles like that ~ She scares the ever lovin' shit outta me! Not necessarily because it is a bad smile...But it just seems kind of well, unnatural.




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