April 25th, 2008


Okay, So What The Hell?

2 Nights in a row I've woken up hours before I need to wake up. And then I'm unable to get back to sleep!

I guess I will have to get that sleep study done. It will be another crash and burn in the afternoon today again.

Maybe gonna try a sleep aid tonight though. Because this not sleeping , is ridiculous. I know I've said in the past that sleep was over rated...But that's only true if you are getting enough of it! *grins*

In other news, I've found a couple of jobs to post for at work that interest me. Posted on one. Gonna probably post for the other today. Both still in IT, so there is that!
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Daily Zen

All my life I have yearned for true reclusion,
Days on end sought wonders beyond this world:
Here old peasants enter their fields at dawn,
And mountain monks return to their temples at night.
Clear sounds come from pine-shaded springs,
Mossy walls filled with ancient truths.
I will lodge on this mountain forever,
I and the world are done with each other.

~ Meng Hao-jan
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    Silence is Golden
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