April 30th, 2008


So How Do You Feel About: Fuck?

The word, not the act. That would be a different conversation, no?

There was a thread about this on

fortysomething  yesterday. In your journal or the comments on others. To be perfectly honest, I had already been giving this some thought, but more about in real life. I am a chronic "Fuck" user. I use it mostly as emphasis or perhaps as a filler word. I think the word has become impotent just by the sheer numbers of people that use it. And in the context it is used. It has become just another descriptor in the lexicon.

I am a chronic cusser. I pepper my speech with a lot of "colorful" idioms, let's say. So...

I was at an informal gathering over the weekend. There were three ladies there amongst others. And drinking. And it seemed like every other word out of at least two of thier mouths was "Fuck" or "Motherfuck" in one form or another. Made them seem rather trashy. Or ignorant. Which I know they were not, based on some of the conversational content that night. 

This made me think about my own language. And how often I use "Fuck" and the other curse words we are all familiar with. It seems to me that I do it without even thinking anymore. Makes me seem less intelligent than I actually am...(In my estimation anyway) I seem to have enough perception issues (of others, not mine *grins*) without the added foul language thing. 

So Dear Friends..What are your thoughts about this?

Henceforth, I shall attempt, in real life mostly, to watch my foul mouth. And be more aware of other people's feelings.

But in LiveJournal land ~ It's my journal, and I will say any fucking thing I want! Shit!

Now I gotta get to work...