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May 2nd, 2008

Only one thing wrong with

Mixing beer and movies. I'm sure most of y'all can guess what THAT is!
The need for bathroom breaks!

"Hey! Wouldja mind pausing the movie for a minute? I gotta GO!"

Had a serious need for a pause button!


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Power! I need more power!

Am I glad I found this thing!

And it works with iPhones and iPods too! Good job too...I forgot (in the haze) to drop my phone in the charger last night


Had an interview this morning. Went pretty well too. I think l nailed it. But the hiring manager is someone I worked for in the past, not a bad thing, really. But she thinks the job may not be "social" enough for me. What she doesn't realize is that I am bored, bored, BORED with my current role. I need a new challenge. Something more cerebral (like the job I interviewed for today) would be ideal.

Did I say I was bored?

The post interview I had with her *heh* tells me, I am okay with interviews. I was confident, cool and collected. So I at least have that going for me.


Meh and FUCK!


I want this job...

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