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May 3rd, 2008


I have somehow managed to completely hose my iTunes library last night. Damn!

And I'm not even sure what the hell I did.

The music is all still here but...

Anyway, I think I may be managing to rebuild it at this point. If this doesn't work, I'll be doing a time machine restore...

So stupid...



Twitter or Tumblr

Any one use twitter or tumblr?

Which one? And Why?

What's the buzz with these type Applications?


Quote of the Day

""Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.""

~George Lois


Writer's Block: My First Car

What was your first car?
My first car was a Marooooon 1968 Dodge Polara. That's right, a big ass, real steel, honest to God, DEEETROIT vehicle.  Thing had a 440 police special engine with a Holley four barrel carb. It had some kinda racing cam as well. Don't think my Dad knew what he had when he bought it...That car idling was a thing of beauty. Of course when it was hauling ass, it was nothing but a maroon blur.

Damned thing looked like a Gramma car, but it could damn near outrun cop cars (!) How do I know, you ask? Because I tried it...Several times...Got away more than I got caught too...Knowing the back roads was something I excelled at. And a little mud over the rear license plate never hurt nothin', either...

I got away until that last time...I'll have to tell THAT story sometime...

Now That's What I Call Customer Service!

essentials.jpgI use Adobe™ PhotoShop™ Elements 4 (still thinking about that upgrade to v6) to manipulate graphics (photos and other formats, too) and stuff *technical term ~cough~cough*.

There is an enhancement package put out by onOne software called Essentials 2™. It has a couple of really nice enhancements for PSE. I use it often. Product page here.

When you have a Mac you generally get automatic updates for everything. My system is set to warn me when updates are available. Since I'm a little gun shy from my days on a PC, I'll bring the updates window up and download if necessary.

I got a notice for one for Essentials 2™ for version 2.0. So I clicked to download. The package download was taking too long for something that was 250 MEG. I mean over 45 minutes for something that size on a broadband connection is ridiculous. So I knew something was up, but I went ahead and started the installer anyway. Not only did it not install, but it screwed my current version of Essentials 2™ up royally.

I like to think my computer mojo is pretty strong, but this threw me a loop. In desperation, I sent onOne an email via their webpage. I explained what had happened and why I thought it had happened.

It took them a day or so to respond initially. After a couple of email exchanges back and forth over the period of a day. I got what I thought was a final email stating they were just going to send me a new disk with the updated package, if I would just confirm my mailing address...So I did.

The next day I got an order confirmation (no charge). Later that day, I got another email informing me that the disc had shipped. This was about mid-day on Wednesday. I was getting ready to go to lunch, when I got a call on my cell from someplace I didn't recognize.

Now if I get one of these on the office phone I'll let it go to voice mail. But if I get one on my cell, it means I've given the number out for some reason.

So I picked up the call. It was a Service Tech from onOne Software, following up. Jeebus!

This sounds like something I would have done for one of my favorite customers. She explained what I needed to do once I got the disc to get the software installed correctly.

When you least expect it some company goes and does something really surprising to restore my faith in corporate culture...

I am one mightily satisfied customer with onOne software.


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