May 9th, 2008


Okay... So... Got Gear?

We all got it...The stuff we run our daily lives with. We are some gear packin' people, no doubt about it.
Cell phones
Music players
Head or ear phones
Drugs - both OTC and Prescription and well...not.
Portable gaming platforms

And the miscellaneous peripheral crap that goes along with all that.

So, how do you deal with all of it?

I have a couple of different bags I use. A GAP sling bag I bought a few years ago in Lufkin, Texas that I generally use from day to day (it was on sale that day for like $19.00) Not available any more either.

A messenger type bag that I carry the laptop and most of my other gear in that I bought from Timbuk2 for those occasions that I need one bag for everything.

I found a nice slim Mac Case Sling Blade bag from Mac Case for the laptop when I am traveling lighter. It will hold the laptop and a few pieces of the gear that goes with it and my phone, iPod, PDA, and a magazine. but not much else! Bought that at the local MicroCenter.

But when I don't need all that stuff with me, I'd like something along the lines of a fanny pack. Or lumbar packs as they are called now. But I hate (HATE!) fanny packs. So I was intrigued when I picked up this thread from AskMetafilter querying the hive mind about this very thing:

How to avoid the tourist/waiter look? There are some really nice suggestions on this page. Go have a look. Follow the links. Check them out. Self proclaimed geek that I am, I still tend to not like the more technical type stuff. But I like some of the stuff from actontreadway. Especially the cummerbund canvas bag. Also a couple of the things from UrbanTool.

How's that for a few links?