May 11th, 2008


Interesting: Check Singer Songwriter Joesph Arthur

Picked this up via You should check the song the have embedded on the page ~ "Nothing to hide" pretty cool sound to it.

Joseph Arthur was discovered by Peter Gabriel. He is an online presence through His tumblelog is Bag is Hot. Interesting stuff there. I'm liking the first tune he has embedded on the page. A lot! "Straw dogs" in the name of the tune I believe.

Tumblelogs are text-lite microblogs that include art, audio, video and not much more. But some are very interesting. You can start one at

I just started one myself. The are super easy to post to in a variety of ways.

Gina Trapani of (amongst other things) has one - She's one of my online heroines! At

Now this fellow with bag is hot.

Oh and before I forget... Mine is: The Stumbls... Errr... Tumbls of TexasT's Not that I am asking you to follow it or anything....*grins*

Today Marks The Beginning

Of my 3rd year on LJ. Not that is really important to anyone but me. *grins*

I've had a fairly strong presence online since before I established my first blog, Sound Off By TexasT's, in October 2004 on various BBS services... Since then I've published several blogs including a couple that were basically of short story (depends on your definition of that!) length. Although one remains unfinished (although I have a few chapters to add, at this point I'm not sure if it will EVER be finished, it HURTS) the other one was completed shortly after a vacation trip to Jamaica.

Got one for my N Scale travails. Which once I get going in trains again will be revived.

I even started another blogger blog once I got my mac. There and Mac again

I have has a much richer experience here on LiveJournal. And it is all because of you folks on my friends list. At any rate what I am trying to say is:

Thanks to you all for being here for me when I needed you. And even when I didn’t!
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