May 15th, 2008


Pass It On!

Good Morning!!

via >[info]popfiend and padiwack :

If you see someone without a smile today. Give them one of your own.

If a smile isn't what they need, then give them an ear or a shoulder.

If an ear or a shoulder isn't what they need give them their space.


Have a GREAT day everyone!

4GB To Go, Please!

Monday's customer and I had a conversation today...

She ordered that 4GB of RAM on Monday (while I was there) I went to the site and called her into her office. "Order two of these," Lo' and this was done...

And she got it on Wednesday. She seemed kind of shocked.

Ah well.

I'l be heading over there Saturday morning I hope... Get that thing maxed out. I think they might see a little difference...

But only a little....


256MB. Indeed...

Might be the last service call I make to these folks. For this machine at least.  Talking about setting up wireless ~ but not yet...
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