May 28th, 2008

G'morning, Coffee

All a Matter of Perspective, isn't it?

I was in Radio Shack yesterday. Needed an Audio cable for my ipod to stereo situation in my bedroom. Sales dude asked me if I needed any help. 

Me - Yeah. Y'all got an alternative to this $35 cable from Monster?

He - Yeah but don't you care about audio quality? But we have this $10 cable as well. *Points*

Me - Thanks

He - Gold connections - Lifetime warranty - Plus the Monster cable is a foot longer.  *I Wonder if this guy uses Monster cables at home? I bet NOT.* I hate sales people like this. Bet he used to be a car salesman too.

Me - So I'd be paying roughly $25 for an extra foot of cable. SCORE!

He went away after that. Five minutes goes by and another sales guy walks up and asks me the same question. My answer was the same. He said he would definitely be buying the cheaper cable. And pointed out the price of gas??? WTF? Whatever...I bought the cheaper cable. But I suppose it is all relative.

Another case for relativity - We here in the US are bitching about paying up to $4.00 for a gallon of gas. Think about this though:
The average price for a gallon of gasoline is about $12.00 per gallon in the Netherlands! And $7.50 per gallon in Germany!

I heard on the way in this morning that the Honda~Kawasaki (motorcycle) dealership in Katy sold 28 bikes this weekend. A record for weekend sales. DUH! Been to the gas pump lately?

Back in 1998 when I bought my Saturn I could fill the tank for about 12 bucks. Now it is on the way to $40.00!! Seriously glad it gets (on average) over thirty MPG. Depending on my driving and road/traffic conditions it has been as high as thirty five MPG.

~ Just a random series of thoughts

Daily Zen

When suddenly mind and environment
are both forgotten,
there is the ability
to penetrate freely earth,
mountains and rivers.
The whole substance of the real body
of the king of Dharma is manifest;
people these days face it without knowing it.

- Daio (1235-1309)
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