June 7th, 2008


Sacrifice.s Part 2

Spoke with R early this morning. As in just after midnight. We had a pretty long conversation. For R, anyway.

He waited until M had gone to bed to call me. Not a good sign. I don't like this doing this behind M's back. R seems to think she *might* be willing to listen to me. Doubtful. But I'll have to do (or say) something. Probably gonna lose a friend behind this. Maybe two.

I hate this. Good friends are so hard to find and I really can't afford to lose any. But goddammit, I'm gonna do what I have to do.

Decision made, T's? Yes. Damnitall.

Apparently she had a fall sometime yesterday and has managed to dot one of her own eyes.

*sigh* Shit.

He really is fed up with trying to get her to stop. He's been dealing with this in one form or another for fifteen years. This is a really long time, I thinkHe is talking of planning some sort of intervention. I'll have to participate, if for no other reason just to make sure some one with experience and is fairly reasonable will be there.

Depressing. She is showing some real classic signs of alcholism.
  • Denial.
  • Hiding her shit (this one scares me).
  • Blaming other things and people for her actions (which is really out of character for M).
  • Bodily injuries when drunk. When drinking she tends to get either really happy. Or really melancholy. Usually the latter.
  • Belligerence when buzzed.

There are others as well. Just hitting the high (low) points here.

I've seen myself, when she runs through a whole gamut of emotions. From way up to wayyyy down. All in the space of about 90 minutes.

Think she's dealing with depression as well.

R thinks he could be reasonable and just get the shit outta the house. M could have a drink or two in social situations.


As far advanced as this seems to be, this is probably not gonna work. And she's already shown that she can fuckup pretty good in social situations.

As much as I hate to admit it, I've been there and done that. More times than I care to admit. Probably done damage to my career prospects a time or two. I don't do this any more. Ever. But the damage is done.

So. No. I don't think this will work for M. She will have to STOP.

I was invited for dinner tonight. I side stepped at the time. I wanted to talk to R first. Plus, I just wasn't sure I wanted to throw myself in the middle of this shit. But decision made, nu? What kind of friend would I be if I didn't at least try to do something.

So much for my plans for a drama free weekend.

But this really isn't about me is it?
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Crowded House - Don't Stop Now

Fell on this song last night in iTunes while I was looking for something else. It really speaks to me.

Another pleasant day in the countryside
Has ended up tears on a stormy night
Cos you can’t follow my directions home
Don’t stop now

God knows where the satellites taking us
Can’t tell what is right in front of us
But I hang on every word
Don’t stop now
No don’t stop now
Give me something I can write about

Get fooled by the lightning every time
See the afterimage of my outline
And you turn the wrong way round

Don’t stop now
No don’t stop now
Give me something I can write about
Give me something I can cry about

In a church house ten miles out of town
Is the devil gonna track me down
And you travel through a tunnel in the trees
Just remember that’s how you get to me

There’s no number on the house
The birds are heading south
Sometimes you have to turn the wrong way round
Sometimes you get too close to nowhere now

Restless and hopeful
In the silence I wait
With a blank piece of paper on the top of my head
All I want is something I can write about
All I want is something I can cry about

Don't Stop Now - You tube

Embedding was disabled on this video - Whatever - Still worth watching.
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    Crowded House: Don't Stop Now
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