June 9th, 2008


Distractions ~ Or iPhone ~ Interrupted ~...

I had no idea that it was so hard to write a on a serious subject while watching movies (or whatever). Was trying to get the data and layout together for iPhone Review Part Deux while we were having a Rambo (I know, I know but what the hey!?) Marathon.

So I was all about, "The case of the iphone is so shi-" 'Hey look! Shit is blowing up!! Lots of shit! Man!' "-ny and bri-" 'Ouch! Man! Tha's gotta hurt!' "-ght. Now where did that decent picture of the back go-" 'Now why the hell would that guy do something that stupid' "Here it is!" *Heh* At any rate ~ Lesson learned. It is one thing to write about and post a bit of fluff from my life while doing other stuff. Quite another to do something serious.

Oh well. This is proving to be quite the project...

Speaking of distractions ~ Picked up a copy of Wings~ London Town this weekend. I think this is probably one of the most forgotten (and great!) albums by McCartney and Co. Released in 1978, the group Wings had been reduced to the core trio of McCartney, McCartney and Denny Laine. Lots well put together soft and slick pop type (with a few rock riffs thrown in for good measure) tunes that Mc was becoming known for. I loved this album when it came out. And I still do. Not really surprised by this...I thnk this is a most underrated work by this trio. They really did work together pretty well. Tracks:

All songs by Paul McCartney, except where noted.

1. "London Town" (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine) – 4:10
2. "Cafe On The Left Bank" – 3:25
3. "I'm Carrying" – 2:44
4. "Backwards Traveller" – 1:09
5. "Cuff Link" – 1:59
6. "Children Children" (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine) – 2:22
* Lead vocal by co-writer Denny Laine
7. "Girlfriend" – 4:39
* Written with Michael Jackson in mind. Jackson then covered "Girlfriend" on his 1979 album Off the Wall
8. "I've Had Enough" – 3:02
9. "With a Little Luck" – 5:45
10. "Famous Groupies" – 3:36
11. "Deliver Your Children" (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine) – 4:17
* Lead vocal by co-writer Denny Laine
12. "Name And Address" – 3:07
13. "Don't Let It Bring You Down" (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine) – 4:34
14. "Morse Moose And The Grey Goose" (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine) – 6:25

Not a bad tune in the whole set. Just my opinion of course!

Note: track listing courtesy of wikipedia

Well...This is Messing With My Zen

I was thinking about putting together a Web site for various things TexasT's. So I put in texasts.com in my address bar, and lo and behold, some band out of Round Rock, Texas has stolen my moniker.~!

Mr. Thrill and the TexasT's

Not even a good use of the domain name. Single page, crappy content and a link to their *shudder* MySpace page...I don't care how good they are. TexasT's is me!


Farkin' bastiges!

*breathe* In with the good air ~ Out with the bad air ~

I feel *SO* much better now.
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Urban Word of the Day


Apple's iPhone before activation. Refers to how useless it is when it can't do anything, and its striking resemblance to a brick.

I can't activate my iPhone, so I'm sitting at my computer crying and staring at my iBrick.