June 12th, 2008


Right Wing-Religio-Political Spam

So I've got this friend. At least I think he is still my friend...One thing we could never agree on was politics. As such, we finally agreed without actually talking about it, to not discuss poilitics.

A little TexasT's political history: I was never a neo con, and always tended to vote the issue itself, (and I still do) rather than down one side of the aisle or the other. If you have the best solution to the issue, you have my vote. But when I was younger it seemed that I (mostly) fell to the right side. As I've gotten older (In the last 15 years or so), and one would (or could) hope wiser, I find myself sitting squarely to the left side of the aisle...And after the last Presidiential Administration, I am not certain I can ever again be fooled (yes, FOOLED) by a Republican candidate.

Yes, I voted for the Shrub, the first time. But I was dis-illusioned pretty quickly after the US Supreme Court became embroiled in the Presidential Political arena and helped to decide which way the election went. This was discouraging for me on a number of levels, but the main reason was just because I don't think the courts should be involved in politics at all. The should NOT cast the deciding vote on anything other than issues of JUSTICE. This was not justice.

I am VERY dismayed and dis-illusioned over how everything political has become so polarized. Red or Blue. Right or left, with apparently, very little middle ground. How did we ever come to this?


So anyway, I have this friend as I said above. He is a chronic forwarder. Some of the stuff he forwards is quite funny, some really interesting, some stuff that makes you go, hmmmmmmm. This type I don't mind too much. And even enjoy.

But the right wing stuff...Most of us (in the US) have friends that are bent like this. We may not even realize it, until the person makes what could be construed as an offhand remark that makes you go:

"~ What? Are you fucking serious? You really believe that?"

The rheotoric has gotten so bad that... How bad? Well the tone has gotten, even more religious, homo-phobic, paranoid, fear mongering, Us against them, anti-immigration bullshit. Some of it is rampant speculation. Some is just out and out lies. 

Most of it comes  with a...self righteous neo-con, Christian bent...Don't vote for the Godless democrats, they will run the country straight into Hell! A vote for Barrack Hussein Obama is a vote for radical Islam. He will let the terrorists over-run the country. The stuff about Hillary before her dance card was (finally) punched, was just as venal, and if anything even more hateful.

I finally had to send him an email to say, "Stop sending me this religio-neocon-paranoid propaganda." Haven't heard from him since. Not a reply. Not anything really. I regret that I may have lost a friend to the political polarization that seems to have the country in a deathgrip. Really...Is politics worth losing a valued friendship of over twenty years? I wouldn't have thought so. But.

This post has taken much longer to write than I really wanted...But I have one or two points and then I'll shut up (yeah right)

I haven't really made a statement one way or another about my current political bent. But...

I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. McCain, unless between now and voting day he can manage to shatter my impression of his politics. This is not likely.

I'm throwing in with Mr. Obama. I hope he picks a good running mate though. Because based on some of the stuff I've seen, I have serious doubts as to whether he'll be able to finish his term, assuming he wins, of course. 

Some white supremicist neanderthals will take pot shots at him...This is stuff I would like to believe we left behind us some time ago.

...But I know in my heart we haven't. 

And maybe we will never be able to...This makes my heart hurt.

This would have the effect of polarizing the country even more. Down racial lines. It would tear the country apart. I love my country. But i am very frightened for it...