July 26th, 2008


Random Bits

Training the Big Blue Brazillian seems to be going well. The guy is like 23. Jeebus! I have kids as old as or older than this guy. He seems to be knowledgeable. Hopefully at the end of two weeks he'll be able to take what I've given him and train his two team mates to do what I do...*sigh* We've gone over a pile (Big pile) of procedures and policies over the last two days.

I'm supposed to take he and his boss shopping on Sunday. The kid has a serious shopping list...Four (!) iPhones, clothing, a pair of Nike's for his brother, a laptop for his GF. And a whole bunch of other stuff. Dunno how we are going to make the iPhone thing(s) happen. Not sure we can get out of the store without contracts with ATT. But I'll give it a shot. The other stuff I think we'll hit an outlet mall that is way out Northwest of town. We'll see. Not sure what the boss needs. I just hope the Saturn Express' trunk is big enough. (!)

This is one good looking kid! I bet his GF is a knockout, too.

They are both pretty nice guys. Friendly. Personable. (And they should be. They are stealing my team's jobs!) We've taken them out for lunch(es) and Happy Hours. They are good folks And easy to be around.

Yesterday for lunch we took them to this Vietnamese- Mexican Fusion restaurant, one of my team mates discovered. Strangely enough, the food was terrific. Still a strange combination though. A tastebud sensation! If you can't find something you like in that place, you need to give up FOOD! *grins*

Bruno's English is pretty good, too. Good thing because my Portuguese is non-existent!

His boss, Ferroz, though? The colorful metaphor ~ "Oh SHIT!" Comes to mind. Accent is really thick. I can only understand about every other word. If I'm lucky! And you ever been talking to someone and you can see in their eyes they are not comprehending what you say? Get that a lot with him. Still a nice fella though.

Going to The Canadians for dinner and drinks and swimming this afternoon. May end up staying the night. Depends...At any rate I'm gonna take along a few things like I am going to. If I don't, no skin off my nose...Best to be prepared though. Takes a lot of gear to be me! Talked to Susie-Q yesterday and she said she could hear my swim suit (that I left over there) crying out (from within the dresser drawer) to get wet! Woman makes me laugh. Be good to see them again.

Gotta go and get my ass ready to go.

ttfn my friends!