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July 27th, 2008

A refreshment at the outlet mall

With my new Brazillian Buds! Ahhhhhhhhh!


Outlet mall bad! Bad bad bad!

6 shirts and accessories later

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For you Nike + users! jules_perox  And Company??

Replace the Battery in Your Nike+ Receiver On the Cheap

nike+_guts.pngDIY web site Instructables demonstrates how to replace a dead battery in a Nike+ iPod receiver in just a few minutes for under $5. When I highlighted the best tech tools to get in shape, I sang the praises of the Nike+ iPod sport kit. But Apple says a whole new sensor is required when the battery dies in the $30 device, so the 10 minutes and $4 battery required for this little DIY seems worth the effort if and when your battery takes the long sleep.



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