August 10th, 2008


During the Onslaught of Eduoard...

dod-o-rn Tuesday, I had gone outside to listen to the rain hit the patio cover and let the rain beat on me (albiet briefly) and have a smoke.

Noticed some movement through the fence in the neighbor's back yard. So I looked a little harder. It was Alex, the twenty something daughter that lives there with her Mom. She was dancing in the rain to a rhythm only she could hear...

I was transfixed. Her movements ran from ballet to some improvised jazz struts. I stood under the patio cover watching this graceful kid go through her steps. She finally stopped after about 10 minutes or so and just stood with her face raised up to the darkened sky, panting, with her arms raised in some worshipful fashion.

I don't think she was aware of any one watching.

She walked gracefully toward the back door and the spell was broken. I turned and walked into the house and got back to work.

She made an otherwise gray day just a little brighter for this guy.

I Knew I Shouldn't

Vanilla Ice Cream wih Hershey's syrup for Breakfast!
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oh shit

Well FARK!

Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and that rock bridge thingie in Utah...

All in the same week.


Well I got to see two outta the three with my own eyes...

The bridge, I didn't. At this point I guess I never will...