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August 11th, 2008

Nearly Had...

dod-t-ro put out my eyes last night.

Went to nbcolymics.com and saw stuff that according to NBC, hadn't happened yet.

All I was doing was checking out the Soundtrack...So if you are interested in the suspense of not knowing until you can see it with your own eyes...Don't go there.

Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle!


Urban Word of the Day ~ 27/4

27 seconds a day, 4 days a week, i.e. quite rare

Kev: Hey Boss, I work 27/4 for you.
Boss: You lazy bastard!

Via Urban Dictionary



You Are Archery

You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions.

You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you.

If practice makes perfect, that's fine by you. You like to practice a skill.



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