August 13th, 2008


There Is Only Do...Or Do Not

There is no try...

My first day at work this week was today. My young apprentice (in Sao Paulo) spent the previous two days harassing other folks on my team for assistance. Today I audited all the requests he worked on today.

Not a single error. Not ONE! Now the folks in a different division who had an older guy from IBM Brazil are having some issues with procedures and policies. And he was here a week longer than my boy. And our systems are several levels of complexity over from those systems. We suspect problems with english are at issue. This may not be the worst part...He is TRAINING THE OTHER MEMBERS OF HIS TEAM!

Bruno, my young apprentice, has performed admirably. I am very proud of him. I have no illusions though, I know here will be hiccups. Even though I trained him...*heh*


In other work related type news...

No slug line for TexasT's today. Caught a ride in with a colleague this morning. I was a little rushed to get out the door. I didn't really want to go in this morningand as is a result I was running a little late.

Reckon I stayed up too late watching the Olympics.

As is my habit, I slid my iPod into the one of the lower pockets on my Dockers Cargos. On this particular style, this is a zippered pocket on the seam on the outside of the right leg. Jumped in the car to meet frend Steve at the park and ride. Steve pulled up behind me as I parked the car and I got in and we rolled on to the HOV into downtown Houston. Arrived in the parking garage with no incident. After I go to the office, I notice that that pocket was unzipped. My earphones were in there.

But no portable jukebox. it was just GONE!

Well, I won't recount for you the language that I used upon discovering the iPod was AWOL. Suffice to say it was long . And BLUE.

As soon as I could manage it I went over to Steve's cube and asked for his keys. Of course I had to explain what was up. Went down o the parking garage and searched the car. Nothing...Another long, blue streak ensued. After I calmed down, I went back up to Cube City. Dejected, I dropped the keys by Steve's desk.

The ony other recoverable place the damned thing could be was in the Saturn Express. But I wasn't really holding out any hope at this point. So I just concentrated on work for the rest of the day.

I was out $250 and just under 3100 tunes. Of course they were still on my portable Hard Drive. But did I stop to consider that? Of course not.


However...When I go back to my car lae this afternoon, I found the thing wedged between the driver's seat and the console.

I was SAVED!
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