September 2nd, 2008


Movies: Death Race and Babylon AD

I saw two movies this weekend. Death Race and Babylon AD...

Death Race ~ I guess you could call it a remake of Death Race 2000. The former had a fairly large production budget and the latter qualifies (in my opinion) as a "B" movie.

Death Race is dark, gritty and violent. And it moves along pretty quickly. Jason Statham is....well he's Jason Statham. He plays basically the same character (Driver Extrordinaire) in every movie I've seen him in. In this movie, he fits. No spoilers here, but I will say, this movie does not crawl...It hauls ASS!

Is it a great movie? No. But it is a GOOD movie for what it is...Dark, gritty and violent...After you've seen it...If you see it, then we can discuss it...

Babylon AD ~ I like Vin Diesel. I've liked most of his movies. Even that damned Pacifier movie. I like science fiction. This movie has both. It has some cyberpunk elements that I can identify with as well.

The movie makes some political statements about the state of humanity and the state of the planet. Set in a very violent, dark and wet future, the movie moves right along (mostly) quickly as well. Vin is a mercenary living in a post apocalyptic Russia. He takes a mission to deliver a "package" to New York in six days. Now there are a couple of eye poppers in this movie. The limo scene. And the scene with the submarine. Watch for 'em. Couple others as well, but I ain't goin' there.

I liked both of these flicks. Go see 'em. Then we'll talk.

TexasT's rates them both, a solid TTTT's out of five. See them. You may not agree. These are not movies that the "Academy" will recognize. But my standards are not the "Academy's".

They are both technically solid and well done, for what they are...