September 11th, 2008


Can You Spell No Network...

Two and a half hour ride to the Park and Ride this afternoon. The bus was SRO. I was standing in the aisle way in the back of the bus. Old guy sitting to my left kept whipping out his blackberry trying t check his mail (or something). I watched him reboot his frickin' blackberry at least three times. Checked my iPhone, Edge network coverage was GONE. I let him try a few more times before I leaned over and said, "There is no network coverage here. It won't do any good to reset your Crackberry."

The old coot looked at me like I was fucking crazy, till I showed him my screen that showed not only no bars but no network coverage either. He looked at where I was pointing thru his tri-focals and finally grunted and pocketed his phone for the rest of the trip. Didn't even look at it. He did glare up at me once or twice.

Jeez, I was only tryin' to help...

Here's some pretties of Himmacane Ike:


Looks like we are in for it this time...No really.

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