September 12th, 2008


HA HA HA! Tell Me Another One, Boss!

So when the boss (BBFH) called me at around 10:20 on Wednesday night to explain what was expected form her team, on Thursday and Friday I almost laughed, when she said she was expecting us to work on Friday from home.

What a piece of work that one is. I have other shit to do, thankyouverymuch.

And I did laugh this morning when I thought about it.

The memo from corporate states business critical or "essential" personnel should log on only. I don't think I am considered either of those, so there you have it. The boys from Brazil will have to deal with whatever comes in today because I am having none of it.

Security can SUCK IT!

Gonna make room in my garage this morning to put some stuff from the backyard, And oh yeah, my CAR! What a novel concept eh?

Pray for the Texas Gulf Coast, y'all. We ain't dodging this one.

Oh yes ~ Thanks to you all for your messages of concern. I reaqlly do appreciate them.

And Rene and Ron! Thanks for y'all's offer.

I wouldn't count on too many posts though once things really get rolling around here.

Gonna be interesting later on today I think.

Television Reporters are Fucking Crazy!

I wonder what those guys are paid...In my youth I may have been that crazy...Matter of fact I KNOW I was.

Okay now, waves coming over the seawall while the eye of the storm is still 250 miles out is some scary shit! Storms usually have to be a lot closer than that if I remember correctly. Fark!

Made an end run to CVS and that french store. Picked up:
More smokes
D cells
A plug for the bathtub upstairs
A nifty little power inverter for the car (400W ~thank you Black and Decker)
A corded (!) telephone set. (phone lines often work even if there is no power and I remember throwing the last one we had out)
A car charger for my iPhone (can't believe I didn't have one of those already. The usb port on my car radio doesn't charge the phone. iPods yeah, but not the phone)
A little butane lighter.

Cleared enough space to get the Saturn Express in the garage.
Checked our lantern supply, butane and battery and white gas powered.
Checked the white gas camp stove out. Damned thing is 25 plus years old and it is still working. (Thank you Coleman).

Next is the patio cover and miscellaneous loose crap that is laying about.

The Queen has already taken off for her Mom's. alleycat2681 is still upstairs sleeping.

Light wind out of the north~northwest, sunshiney and hot out here in Katy as yet.

Time to Pucker up y'all!

I Wonder...

If the Coast Guard has to rescue you because of your own stupidity...Do they send you a BILL? Your ass was under mandatory evacuation order. You left too late and your big ass SUV gets swamped...

Honey! Call the Coast Guard!

Rescue by Coast Guard Helicopter $58,000...
Your ass safe at Ellington Field Priceless!

Getting Some Pretty Gusty Winds

Out of the North - Northeast. Nothing really. Really blowing pretty good in the backyard. Surprised me the last time I opened the back door.

Also saw some high level lightning to the southwest when I was out front a few minutes ago.

Got a couple of okay pictures of what is called a "Hurricane Sunset". Reckon they are so pretty because the particulates in the air are getting good and stirred up.

Still got power here. So we're cool.

So far.

Looks like we will be on the west side of the storm and this is a good thing.

Ike is coming...


So we've had a few power blips in the last few minutes. Not good. Reckon you know what that means.

And the cable tv is freezing up...And then it comes back...and goes. And comes.

Pretty strong wind gusts. My trees in the front yard are swaying pretty far out.