September 13th, 2008


Starting to Rain Now

Coming out of the north. Just went outside in the front yard which faces south. Rain from Hurricanes have a different smell. The smell is even different from tropical storm rain.

I haven't smelled that particular odor for a Loooooong time. It didn't take me long to figure out what it was either. Kinda strange how things like that stick with you. I think the last time really was during Alicia, in 1983.

The Offspring was born 9 months later...


We've had a few more power belches. Amazingly enough it keeps coming back on. Thankful for that I am. And it seems to be getting windier too.

Spoke with The Canadians tonight. They live over by Hermann Park in one of those luxury apartment developments. Their apt faces the south. Susie was out on the patio watcing the lightning. Their power keeps going out and she's on a cordless phone so we had to dial back and forth a few times to finish. Took me a few minutes to convince her the phone kept cutting because she was on a cordless. When the power goes out, the base station resets. Milady may have been in her cups a bit *grins* She had already tucked Magill in for the night.

When she told me she could see a squall line coming up from the south, I said maybe she ought to go inside. Because sideways rain stings...ANd then there's that whole lightning thing. She could see it coming through the lights of one of the hospitals in the area. So we said goodnights and be safes. old her I'd call them once we were on the back side of Ike.

I really want to see the hind end of this mother fucker! The sooner the better.

Still trying to catch some zzz's. It ain't really workin' out for me though.

Fuck You Ike! Thank you Centerpoint!

Power just came on about a half an hour ago...

But not before i ruined a few chicken thighs on the grill in the freakin' dark! Heh!

The news is saying we got under three inches of rain in Katy. I'm not sure I buy that.

The house is rapidly cooling down. Most of the morning it was cooler outside than inside. Made coffee this morning in the garage on my campstove. That was really yummy!

It didn't really get too muggy until late this afternoon. Then inside the house was cooler than outside. Heh!

Power blipped on and off most of the night and early morning. I finally went up to bed about 1:30. I was nodding in my chair. I had been up and working around the house since about 4:30 yesterday morning.

Went and stood on the front porch to smoke before I went to bed. It was raining sideways and the wind sounded like a goddam freight train! Watching the trees in my front yard sway at least 6 feet back and forth didn't make it any easier to get to sleep.

If I hadn't been exhausted...

Woke up at around 4 - 4:30 when the power went off for the final time this morning. It was REALLY blowing then. Could hear the one of the oak trees in the back scraping the back of the house. The rain was blowing so hard when I stepped outside it stung! I waited till around seven or eight to open the garage door and start the coffee. The wind at that time was coming out of the north at maybe 40-50 MPH It was okay because the garage faces the south. The wind died down to a big breeze while I was sitting in there swilling coffee. The next door neighbor came over to see what i was up to. We talked for a while...She didn't sleep at all. I got maybe 2 to 3 hours. Fitful sleep. Not really good.

Dozed on and off all day while reading. What the hell else you gonna do? Lots of the neighbors did a bunch of cleanup this afternoon. Thought I'd wait till the crap dried up a little bit. I'll get after it in the morning.

Damages to the house? Not too terribly bad when you look at some of those homes down towards the coast. Jeebus! They are frickin' destroyed!

Our place? Think we may have lost a roof shingle or 10. Some tree limbs gave up the ghost. The six foot privacy fence went down for the count on either side of the house. About 60 to 70 feet on either side. The back fence and the little bits in the front are fine.

The back yard, as well as the front are a mess. Debris everywhere.

The neighborhood? Good be worse! Lots of tree, roof and fence damage. Quite a few big old trees uprooted. Some trees in houses. Frankly, it is a mess. But still, I know there are neighborhoods that are seriously more screwed than we are.

I spoke to The Offspring, The Queen, The Canadians and all are okay. Spoke with cadona via text messages and she seems to be all right as well.

Thankful we were on the west side of Ike. I. Am. Really. Thankful.

Man, it is murderously humid outside tonight.

Need to call my sisters in Florida to let them know we're okay. Little late for them though. So I'll wait until tomorrow morning.