September 15th, 2008



alleycat2681 and I cleaned up the front yard yesterday. Looks better than it did before the storm! I set my old PC speaker system up to my iPod in the garage while we were cleaning up and gave the neighborhood a taste (blast) of my eclectic musical taste.

Next door neighbor said she liked it."Your taste really runs the gamut doesn't it? Classical, grunge, jazz, rock, R&B, electronica, vocal...You got it all don't you?" Didn't have any complaints about the tune-age.

Got some pictures to post, but I want to get a look at them first before I upload them. When alleycat2681 and I cruised the neighborhood she took a pile of pictures with her phone. Dunno if she as them uploaded yet. Once I find out I'll post a link.

Set my alarm this morning. Got the coffee going, logged into work. And got a reminder that today was MY 9/80 DAY OFF! *grins* I had completely forgot. Replied to some emails of concern from our Asian Overlords. Had a chat with some folks that were working and then logged off.

Think we'll try for the backyard tomorrow. We were gonna do it this afternoon but I'm just too tired and sore. I'm supposed to work from home tomorrow, but we'll see about that.

I started this post at 10:30 AM and fell asleep. Numerous times. Strange.

After we finished with the front last night we showered and went on a quest for mexican food and margs. Quest unsucessful. Every place we went was either packed out (wait time over an hour) Or they were just taking CASH. Suppose it is a credit to them that they were open AT ALL!

I don't get the taste for margaritas very often any more, but once I do...Nothing will stop that craving except, well you know. Frozen with salt.

So we'll try that a little earlier today. But need to make groceries first. Need milk, coffee, detergent (gotta have clean clothes). Beer! Gotta have beer! And a few other things. And we need another rake. Hah! Good luck with that one! Probably not a rake to be had for a hundred miles.

Hope all in this area are safe...

Hell, I hope all are safe in general.</lj></lj>