October 1st, 2008


Are You Jammin' T's?

As I stepped on to a crowded elevator at some point, a friend asked, "Are you jammin' out, Tom?"

I had to laugh. "Sure. If you can call listening to a thousand year old mass jammin."


"A mass for the end of time. Recorded by Anonymous 4. The music was written in the 10th century."

Surprised looks went around the elevator.

"Oh. Is it nice?" I could tell she didn't have a clue.

"It is very pretty. Calms me."

Reckon my rep as a rocker has gotten the best of most folks around here.

If they only knew what I was listening to at least half the time, my reputation as a street smart hardass would be completely blown!

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Akual Conversashun!

I'm working my ass off in my cube today when the phone rings. it is The Offspring

The Offspring Hey Dad...

Me - Hey kiddo ~ S'up?

The Offspring Not too much. Trying to unpack all our stuff.

Me - Cool. Not makin' much progress?

The Offspring No. Just too busy. I need to ask you something...

Me - k. What?

The Offspring Well...Are you going to be available to do the pictures for the next BooTown Fringe Festival?

Me - Well probably. When y'all planning on doing it?

The Offspring May 15, 16, 17.

Me - *Stunned* 2009?

Me - *laughs* Nothing like advance planning, eh?

The Offspring Well it was on my list of todo's...

Me - Who sets your todo's?

The Offspring I came out of one of the meetings with a list.

Me - Yeah?

The Offspring And you know how Mom is. She wants stuff done right away...

Me - *laughs harder* I certainly do know how your Mother is...*Note to newbies - The Offspring's mother is my first wife. We've been divorced for over 20 years at this point* Who's in charge of BooTown anyway?

The Offspring I AM ~ Mwa-Ha-Ha!

Me - Let me check my calendar *snicker* Yeah I can do it. At this point anyway. Subject to change since you guys pay me so well...Heh!

The Offspring Da-aaaaaaaaad~

Me - I know. I'm kidding, dammit.

Texas (or nearby) Flister's...Or Anyone Else That's Interested!!

DSCF0094.JPGThinkin' about making a run to Maker Faire in Austin this month. October 18th and 19th. I went by myself last year and STILL had a blast.

Check the Web site!

Wanna think about an LJ meetup there? C'mon! Theres's some serious fun to be had! And I am sure we could manage to find some after hours mischief to get into as well!

I took a ton of pictures last year. These are what I actually put up.

Let me know what you think!
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