October 11th, 2008

G'morning, Coffee

Good Morning! What Are You Listening to Today?

Starting my day off with some Ancient Music:

The Glory of Byzantium by the Byzantine Choir of Greece

Whilst I catch up with all of y'all's latest stuff.

Lovely stuff this album has on it.

Glad The Queen ain't here. It would drive her frickin' crazy!

Howzabout a sample I found on youtube:

Track list:
Ô Vierge Sainte, réjouis-toi (Luc 1, 28-42) (Office des Vêpres) 1:41
Stichère des Grandes Vêpres de la Dormition de la Mère de Dieu 2:53
Ô Vierge Sainte, réjouis-toi (Luc 1, 28-42) (5e ton) 1:39
Tropaires de la 1ère et de la 8ème Ode et Mégalynaire du Canon de la Grande Paraclèse 8:48
Il est vraiment digne de te bénir, Mère de Dieu (Chant de Grégoire de Protopsalt) 1:55
Trois Stichères des Grandes Vêpres de l'Annonciation de la Mère de Dieu 4:41
Il est vraiment digne de te bénir, Mère de Dieu (Chant Byzantin) 1:06
Alors il leur parlera dans sa colère 8:18
Hymne des Chérubins 3:16
Bénissez le Seigneur 7:02
Bénis le Seigneur, ô mon âme (Psaume 122, 1-22) 5:25
La Vierge en ce jour 1:29
Credo 2:13
Gloire à Dieu 1:58
Pater Noster 1:59
Il nous a visités du haut des Cieux 1:19
Les Mages, rois de Perse 2:21
Tous ensemble les Anges dans le Ciel 1:55
Prières d'Action et de Grâce 4:02

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First things first: I have been just taking it easy today. So far anyway. Probably not gonna change too much. Haven't even changed out of my jammies yet. TMI? Any ways.

Dang! I need a longer USB cable for my portable drive where my iTunes files live. I forget about the durned thing, so when I go to set the thing on the coffee table the drive ends up dangling. And then on the floor. Disconnected of course. iTunes doesn't tend to like that. Heh!

Joined last.fm last night. Started with it this morning. Downloaded the desktop app. As yet I find the interface on the web and in the application a little confusing. Connected the LJ to it. (See music palying below.

Got the free iPhone App loaded up this morning. Now that is kinda cool. Pretty straight forward interface on the phone. ets you listen to your scrobbled tunes and you can also listen to recommended selections from last FM.

The LastFM App will be a definite iPhone battery killer for me.

Speaking of iPhone Apps:

There are a couple of cool ones I picked up over the last few days. 
One called Simplify which in conjunction with the desktop client from Simplify Media allows you to stream via WiFi or 3G or edge the music you have in iTunes to your iPhone or iPod Touch! Very cool. As long as the desktop app (and iTunes) is running you can stream music to your iPhone over the Internet.

I tried this out the other day. I was at the Alamo DraftHouse the other night. It was a little clunky getting connected. But once it did? NICE.

Another is the mobile version of flickr. It allows you to upload photos from the camera. Look at your and other folk's photos. Lots of flickr functionality built in there. A keeper.

Also picked up Yahoo!OneConnect. This lets you connect to YM and various other social networks. Seems to work okay. But like other iPhone apps it doesn't run in the background so if you aren't actively in the App or you navigate away from it, it disconnects. So until Apple let's developers run stuff in the background it may not be worth even the price: FREE. Have to see if there is another piece of SW for this.

A couple others that I picked up thanks toeats_veggies are pretty cool too. One is a kind of white noise generator called ambiance. It generates a sound field of various types for when you would like a little of your own company. Things like pink noise to a thunderstorm loop are included. My only complaint about this is that on some of the tracks you can hear were the loop ends and restarts itself. Nice interface though. And you can't bitch about the price $0.99.

As a side I also downloaded another similar app (same price) called asleep. A lot of the same type sounds, but with longer loops. Lot's longer. The interface is not as well thought out as Ambiance though. But easily navigable.

The other one I looked for and downloaded because of Dory, is called Koi Pond. Also $0.99. It is what it sounds like. A Koi pond. You can change various settings. Pond color, Rocks, Plants, 3 diferent ambient noises, day or night, and the number of fish.

When you poke the pond it makes splashy sounds, and ripple fan out across the surface.

And get this...The fish react to your motions. Way cool and a definite calm inducing timewaster.

One last point about Koi Pond. The sound is soooooo fine. When you drag your finger across the screen from left to right, not only to you create a wake in the pond, but the sound follows through your headphones from left to right, right to left, whatever. So neat!

Thankseats_veggies ! I'll show it to you next Saturday!

Well, I'm off to either take a shower or take a nap.

Or maybe I'll just go play in the Koi Pond!