October 15th, 2008



Sleep study went well according to the technician. Said I woke up once. And kept my mouth shut. Tried a new mask. Nasal pillows instead of a full coverage over the nose and mouth mask. I didn't snore? Oh rly?

I woke up once that's right. But I didn't go back to sleep. Far as I can tell. From about 4 AM on. Laid there for an hour almost trying to. But didn't quite succeed, I think. I did lay there really still, for the most part. But awake.

Knicked one of those masks to try out here at the house. We'll see. At any rate I need to replace my old mask. The seal leaks too much to be effective. And I've known I need to replace it, but at $200.00 a pop, I can't take this lightly. Every two or three months.

Had two roofing contractors over this AM before I went BACK to the Med Center for my Doctor's appointment. We talked about meds and they called in a BUNCH of scrips for me. Talked about changing the dosage of some things and agreed to do so. She also included the meds that I take for asthma and allergies so I can avoid going and being tortured by the frickin' allergist for a while. There has been no real change in my lifestyle, so no real reason to go back and let the doc torture me.

The roofers both say I should replace the roof on the house. And they both gave estimates that were within 60 or 70 dollars. Pretty unbeleivable. Usually hundreds of dollars difference between contractors. Oh and the last one offered to do the required repairs whereas the other just quoted on a new roof. A new roof while it would be nice is out of line with the insurance company's estimate. WAAAAAAAY out of line.

Need to call my agent.

And then late this afternoon, I got a call from a fencing contractor as well. Reckon 1 out of 10 ain't bad.


Gave me an estimate over the phone based on the insurance company measurements. Pretty much in line with what the insurance comapny said too. Still want another bid or two.

So I will call another contractor or two to see if I can make that happen.

Need to pick up tags for the Saturn Express tomorrow (morning) and maybe get a haircut! And get it all together to leave on Firday.

Also need to work on the files for my presentation next week as well.

No rest for the wicked!

Rained on and off all day today. Rained like hell here tonight too. Wouldn't have been a problem had my windshield wipers decided that today was the day to go a little haywire. Stopped by my local auto repair shop and they jury rigged me something up on the one that seemed to be loose until I can get the damned thing replaced.
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