October 17th, 2008


Road Trip!

I am off (as soon as I finish loading the car) to Maker Faire Austin. Of course it doesn't start until tomorrow, but the idea of flarking around in Austin and the surrounding area for a day or two appeals to me.

Y'all be safe and have fun this weekend and I'll see you from the road.

So I'm Arrived

At around 2~ish. Let me tell you, I arranged for a mini suite and it is a suite baby! This setup is bigger than some apartments I have lived in! King bed in one room and a living room type deal. The couch is too soft to sit on though. If it wasn't for that...

Sent eats_veggies an email with the address so's she can find me in the morning.

I see I managed to leave my litle iPod Speakers back at the house. BLARGHL!

Picked up a french press yesterday. Got it after The Offspring and i had lunch. We goofed off and shopped a little. I had been telling her that The Queen didn't really like the coffee she gave us from $tarBuck$. Little too bold for her I reckon So she recommended a french press. Honestly, I had been wanting to try one any way. So we went by $tarBuck$ and I bought one at an employee discount and got a free pound of coffee to boot! The Offspring has been a barista at $tarBuck$ for a few years now.

And I hate the coffee that comes out of those little in room coffeemakers.

Forgot a mug to put the coffee in though. Ah well, I'll make four cups and put them back in the carafe. You (obviously cannot leave them in the press with the coffee grounds unless you wanna drink tar.

Ever use a press? Seems very simple:
1. Grounds into the press.
2. Add boiling or hot water
3. Wait four of five minutes
4. Slowly press the plunger down
5. Decant your caffeine beverage
6. Enjoy!

Seems simple right?

Well I'll let you know in the morning.

Treated myself to a steak from Saltgrass tonight. Yum! T-Bone and a baked potato.

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I'm sure I'll have a few tweets from Maker Faire!

Pics of the room:




"He's A Little On The Chubby Side"

She said as I exclaimed my disbelief upon seeing the fattest or at least widest dachshund I have ever encountered.

Jeebus lady! Cut back on the Scooby Snacks! A little on the chubby side, my ass! That dog was nearly as wide as it was long! And me without my camera or my phone...