October 23rd, 2008


Wednesday's Dog and Pony Show...

On SAP Security (and how WE DO IT!) came off without a hitch. It wasn't a canned presentation. I mostly ad libbed my way through the thing. I had the crowd in the palm of my hand. Not. But they were a good, attentative bunch for the most part.

I took my own laptop in and did the presentation from that. It has a remote, so I didn't need an assistant, that had to wait for me to say..."Next slide, please..." And I didn't have to say, "Next slide, please..."

With a simple click I could move to the next slick animation...Heh...I didn't lose anyone. Except for this one Application Specialist who was sitting up front. Right about the time she was nodding off, someone in the back asked a question that sent me into a funny rant, about how we were at the mercy of the folks who approve the work we do, and that was why it sometimes takes longer to get what you need from us.

Snapped her right out of her reverie. Also was able to give real life examples from issues from some of the folk in the audience, who's stuff I had worked on. I had been counting on being able to do that. Give it to 'em with a little humor.

I was told later on by a few folks that it may have been the best lunch and learn we've had all year. Of course, they may have just been strokin' the Security Guy.

Honestly, my Mac generated a lot of interest as well. Took some good natured flack about how my machine wasn't "Standard".

No. It isn't! *heh*

Spent some time after explaining why it was I liked Macs better than Windoze machines. I know a bit about both OS's and am comfortable with either. Apple Macs are just a personal choice for me...

Spend some time with a Mac...Once you do, you'll never go back...

One drawback was also a plus in another way. Most of the managers and supervisors were in a mandatory training and so missed my show...The ones that were there were very complimentary.
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