October 25th, 2008


Locked Out. But the Trunk is Open! @ Maker Faire

Taking up from this entry: Maker Faire! And an LJ Meetup!

So the delectable eats_veggies and I make it to the faire site after a few detours. Your intrepid narrator and she of the red hair bail out of the car, I pop the trunk open, and we lock and shut the doors.

Too Late I realize the keys to the car are still in the ignition. DAMMIT! A quick check of the doors reveals they are all locked. But wait! The trunk is open! Maybe I can force one of the rear seats open. One of the standard features on most Saturns is they have rear seats that fold down for more storage. Mine also has a 60/40 split.

So I get half of me into the trunk and look for some sort of release for the rear seats from the trunk side (the boot for you Brits on the flist.) If there is one I cannot find the damned thing, I can get to the latches on either side, but I cannot seem to get them to release! Shit!

I bail out of there finally and Dory asks, "Why don't you call someone?"

"Who am I supposed to call?" But I've got roadside assistance through ATT. I think on that for a minute, and then back into the trunk I go, trying to force the damned seat down.

No luck with that. I back my ass out of the trunk, out of breath. I look for an inhaler and a cough drop. Whilst I am about this Dorie gives it a shot.

I finish with my ministrations and look. And *blink*. The diminutive eats_veggies is entirely in the trunk of The Saturn Express! Holy shit! After various pushings and shovings, puctuated by grunts and groans, she steps back on to the tarmac. And she doesn't have any better luck than I do.

This really makes me more determined than ever to get into the goddam cabin of the car!

Based on the fact that when we push on the seat from behind, it makes a pretty good sized gap, I reason that maybe I can get an arm through and unlatch one of the seats. Back into the trunk I go.

Push one of the seats out with one of my hands, reach through the split, but the opening is not wide enough and the car fights back by scraping and cutting my arm! A quick repositioning maneuver allows me to put my should into pushing both seats at the center. And I manage to get an arm through and pull one of the latches and push the seat down. At this point I was out of breath and coughing again so I backed out of the trunk again. As I did so, I felt two buttons give way, and felt and heard the shirt ripping. Dang! Maybe it won't be too bad.

eats_veggies got the keys while I caught up with my breath. She then got her portable First Aid kit out of her daypack and put a bandaid on one of my ouchies.

The shirt? Pretty much a total loss. Damned shame too, it was one of my favorites. Thought I could get a t-shirt or something once we got in the gate.

So we walked up to take our place in line. Once we stopped Dorie managed to get yet another bandaid on my elbow.

Noticed later I got a pretty good case of carpet burn on my stomach. Boy does that look nasty!

The not too long line slowly advanced.

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Can't Seem to Catch a Fuckin' Break!

The downstairs AC went out this week. Had the repair guys out today. The news is not good.

Need a new 'vaporator coil. To the tune of about $2.5K

Okay let's do some math.

1800 for the fence
2500 for the AC
4800 for the foundation work.
400 for the roof repair
= One broke ass household...

Jeebus! We may be broke but at least we'll be fucking COOL while we are.

Fuck me...I'm almost speechless. And broke.

Now I can pay the bills...Sheesh.
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One of the things I am gonna need are a new set of skills for excel. Need Vlookup tables and pivot tables experience. Can any one point me towards some good online tutorials for advanced excel skills. I'm pretty good but I need these as well.

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ETA: Found some good stuff here: http://www.timeatlas.com/mos/5_Minute_Tips/



Just took a look at the job posting for "Systems Assurance Analyst" that will be going out in early November. This is the listing that this manager sent to me. Of course the document is confidential.

Doing this instead of paying bills...Along with a few Excel tutorials. I can see all kinds of applications for VLOOKUP and Pivot table at work now. Crap! They seem sort of simple now. Dunno why it took me so long to see this.

But if this job doesn't have "TexasT's" written all over it I'll eat my hat. Or I would if I had one. Unless someone more qualified comes along.

Looks like we now have AC downstairs again. My checkbook just took a huge hit because of it too...