November 2nd, 2008


Oh My Did We Drink All That?!?

Man did I get plowed last night.

Set the clock back in the bedroom I was in and fell out...Woke up at one point, it was light, rolled over and looked at the clock / radio. It read 06:15. Uhhhhhh no. (it was well after 2 when I finally laid down) The next time I looked it was after 9:00.

I could do that. Got up. Magill had been up for quite a while because the coffee had already shut off. Still hot. But off. Hour or so later Susie-Q sauntered in. Between the two of them they managed to get breakfast together, while I packed some of my stuff up. Breakfast was snarfed up in no time.

We all hung out for a while until we all had to go our separate ways. They went to an organic farmers market at Rice University and I went by The Offspring's and had a short visit. Came back out to the boonies, stopped at Popeye's and picked up some chicken and stuff for dinner.

Unpacked and got the laundry together. By the time I came down with the first load, The Queen was sitting in the den.

We chatted for a while and now she's gone to get horizontal. Sounds like she had a little too much fun up in East Texas as well.

Hotter today than it has been in the past week. Hoping it gets cooler again soon.
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