November 4th, 2008


Tuesday?! All The News That Fits...


Worked like a dog @work but don't really feel like I accomplished anything.

Called the ENT's PA as he had left me a message in the last week or so. Yeah, yeah I know.

He had results from my sleep study. He said that a setting of 8cm would be optimal for me on my CPAP.

I questioned that, as my current settings are set at 14cm(!) He asked if I had lost weight. I told him I'd lost 5-6lbs, but didn't think that would be enough for such a drastic drop. He agreed. I then said well, maybe the nasal surgery your boss had performed on me last year might have something to do with it?

Oh yes! That might account for it! Does the word DUH! mean anything to you?? Maybe that accounts for why I am not sleeping well. The pressure is twice (!) what it should be. I need to get that sorted shortly.

So I need to get my machine adjusted and how do I go about doing that? He said he would arrange to have (whoever) give me a call to setup an appointment.

And they did, but I missed the call. So tomorrow.

Started to take today off to watch over the Fence guys, but when I checked my email this morning to do so, there was a nastygram from BBFH, saying since we would be shorthanded for the next month or two, I should limited the "unexpected" vacation days.

Short handed for what? I just handed most of my job tasks to Big Blue in Brazil and India. She just has to say something where I am concerned I guess. And it usually isn't good.

So off to the office I go. Later in the day. Like late afternoon. I called The Queen to see if she was home. She had just pulled into the driveway. Asked if she would check progress on the fence and call me back? She did. NO PROGRESS was made.

Called the lead guy (teamlead?), Chris. Got his voicemail. Left a message for him to call. The I called the owner of the company and asked what was the story? He said that Chris had transportation issues and didn't he (Chris) call me to essplain it? No....I said. He apologized all over hisself.

This fella is a real Bullshit artist. I can smell 'em. I used to sit on the opposite side of the desk from these ol' time sales guys. I was a Buyer before I joined the IT org. I think he's basically honest though.

I sure am glad I didn't take the day off though. I would have been seriously pissed if I had wasted a vacation day for a NoShow.

Got a free dinner at the Black Eyed Pea tonight. Dessert and all.

I'm bushed and it's after 10. Going up to bed. Will watch some election stuff and the fall out.

Go Obama!