November 11th, 2008


Just When You Think You Have Problems

Something like this hits my radar.

At any rate, The job posting I was talking about here Sort of alluded to here. Could have sworn there was some sort of discussion about it here. Mebbe not. The posting manager even came and talked to me about one day over lunch asking me if I would be interested. "Hell YES!" sez I! Was for a Systems Assurance Analyst. Still security related, but not in the IT org.

Disappointment reigns.

Turns out they posted the job on Monday as promised...But at 3 pay grades above mine. Instead of two. Two I might have been able to bullshit my way into over a two year period. Long story...There are ways around these things. But THREE would be a stretch. Even for me. Especially for me. Even talked to the posting manager about this WTF! moment. Claims he had little to say about the JG level they posted it at. So that is out the window.

Had a discussion with a co-worker about a task BBFH took away from me to give to one of her folks because it was compliance related. Turns out they wanted to see if the coould make it any more efficient. I designed that process, wrote the documentation for, and did the work for three years. I tweaked it just as hard as it could be tweaked. And now she wanna give it back. With the Process UNCHANGED. Why didn't y'all just ask me? Could have told you that it was already as efficient as it was gonna get... Oh yeah. Dealing with BBFH. She wouldn't listen to me anyway. So now I get it back. Meh.

Doesn't matter.

I go sit with the project team for training for the rest of this week. And probably the next. Like I should have been doing in the first place. Came to me with this like it was her idea. Whatever. I need the training. And they need some process improvements. There is some ridiculous crap in the present set of procedures.

Give me a month or two and I'll get some of that sorted as well.

Off to see the wizard!
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