November 15th, 2008

G'morning, Coffee

Tech Is a Wonderful Thing!

Got on Yahoo! Messenger last night and saw one of the contractors that was recently let go, was on line.

Asked him how was Jersey? He replied he was already in India!


Somewhat jetlagged. But he and his family are fine. ANd looking forward to a nice long vacation. We chatted about this and that for a while, then he went to get some breakfast and I went to bed!

THAT boys and girls, is one of the many reasons I love the Internet and computers...
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More Fun With Photoshop Elements

dod-h-reh! Wish I could say I had a productive morning, but all I've really done is screw around with Elements 6 some. I suppose productivity like any thing else, is quite subjective.

Created some more fun stuff anyway. So I give you...Those Eyes!

Here's a facsimile of my new header image:


And here's the base for yet another Userpic:


And the Original of this is actually 2560 X 1920

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Well Crap!

Ordered one of those Pasta dishes from Pizza Hut. I ordered the BACON topped Mac-and-Cheese. What I got was the Effin' Meaty Marinara. I didn't want Meaty Marinara, dammit.

Bring me da Mac-n-Cheese, pleeze!


Supposed to be delivering the right stuff. God only knows when I'll see that. Good thing I ordered some Quepapas too. These things are quite tasty!