November 16th, 2008


TexasT's Just Wants to Have Fuuu-uunn!

So I'm off to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the day.

And no, I ain't wearin' no costume. Well, I miiiiiiiight take my beret. Slipped on at a jaunty angle!

And I AM takin' my CAMERA!

Supposed to meet eats_veggies and her daughter there at some point.

So...Fill up my to-go Mug and GTFOH!!!

I am outta here!

***Pictures in the next day or two I hope!***

Well. That Was A Day...

And I've got the pictures to prove it! Took over 195!

I love digital cameras! We'll just see how many of them make it through the TexasT's Quality Standards System.

Met up with eats_veggies and her daughter Sierra. Walked the grounds with them. Twice! I had already walked the grounds partly by the time they got there.

But I'm gonna let her tell that story!

A good time was had by all.

Only saw a couple of folks I knew from my days of working there. Working renaissance faires is a game that will fry your ass up after a while! Lot of young folk working there now. Some not so young as well.

I know I eventually got to a point where I just said, "Pfffft! Enough already!"

Looks like I have an "A Day in the Life" post coming up!

And no, I didn't even take my Beret. It was missing the dragon pin that was my trademark. I have no earthly idea where the damned pin is! But hey! At least I knew where the bloomin' hat was!

Taking a long time to download those pics from the camera. I should have just taken the chip out and put it in the reader.

Oh well. Next time!
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Jeebus! What the Hell Have You Been Eating?!?

Was sitting here at my desk looking over some pictures and some of y'all's posts.

All of a sudden there is this terrible smell. Look behind me...The damned dog is laying there looking all innocent and shit(!).

A few minutes later it happened again. I sent his ass packin' that time.
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