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November 16th, 2008

TexasT's Just Wants to Have Fuuu-uunn!

So I'm off to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the day.

And no, I ain't wearin' no costume. Well, I miiiiiiiight take my beret. Slipped on at a jaunty angle!

And I AM takin' my CAMERA!

Supposed to meet eats_veggies and her daughter there at some point.

So...Fill up my to-go Mug and GTFOH!!!

I am outta here!

***Pictures in the next day or two I hope!***


Well. That Was A Day...

And I've got the pictures to prove it! Took over 195!

I love digital cameras! We'll just see how many of them make it through the TexasT's Quality Standards System.

Met up with eats_veggies and her daughter Sierra. Walked the grounds with them. Twice! I had already walked the grounds partly by the time they got there.

But I'm gonna let her tell that story!

A good time was had by all.

Only saw a couple of folks I knew from my days of working there. Working renaissance faires is a game that will fry your ass up after a while! Lot of young folk working there now. Some not so young as well.

I know I eventually got to a point where I just said, "Pfffft! Enough already!"

Looks like I have an "A Day in the Life" post coming up!

And no, I didn't even take my Beret. It was missing the dragon pin that was my trademark. I have no earthly idea where the damned pin is! But hey! At least I knew where the bloomin' hat was!

Taking a long time to download those pics from the camera. I should have just taken the chip out and put it in the reader.

Oh well. Next time!


Was sitting here at my desk looking over some pictures and some of y'all's posts.

All of a sudden there is this terrible smell. Look behind me...The damned dog is laying there looking all innocent and shit(!).

A few minutes later it happened again. I sent his ass packin' that time.



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