November 26th, 2008


Oh My. Well. Erm. Yes...

Sometimes I should read twice or wait a little before I hit the "post" button. That last post really make it look like I was casting about for an invite some where.

Not even I am as pathetic a loser as that makes me out to be.


ETA: Rescued by R & M! Yay!

A Day In My Life Is Coming


This had better work...It takes a lot of effort...


Got signal? No. Trying to program a route.

There are over 90 pictures for the actual post.

ETA: Edited Everyone has toooooo focus on the negative! Are y'all HAPPY now!?

To All My Friends from the USofA. Be You Online or Offline:

Thanksgiving 2008.jpg

My wishes are for you and yours to have a great and safe holiday!

Love to you all!

A little side note:
This is the view over my back fence. Nice little color change going on there. In SE Texas we don't seem to get the violent color change experienced by the folks a little further north.

The greenery in my yard doesn't change color too much. Unless you count the green going to brown when it gets blasted by the summertime heat! *grins*