December 2nd, 2008


Right! I Propose a New Award Amongst Our Combined Friends Lists


There was some discussion on this post about some kind of Made Up Word Day. I have percolated on that for a few days. Besides my own that I have done over the last week or so, I've seen that some of you others have been busy at it as well.

I meant to work on this as it was discussed, but real life got in the way (as usual) and this is the first opportunity I've had to work on it. What do yall think of this:

I think we should have a Brand New Word Award. And we should award it by copying the emblem above. Available in a few sizes here.
75X75, 100X75, 240X180, 500X375, and the original size of 640X480

Just go ahead and bookmark the link...*heh*

Here's the way I think it should work if we find a made up word we like.

1. Post the award in a reply on the friend's post.
2. Post the award and the word in your own journal, maybe a short definition (or not), credit the friend and the post.  Tag with BNWA.
3. And then basically walk away.

That way, when your friends see the award, they might go check out that person's LJ and decide they might like add them as a new friend.

That way we spread even more of the goodness that is LiveJournal.

I'll even go first.

popfiend gets it for the word "sneezerificness" Which means, I think, a really large sneeze that threatens to upset the balance of the planet. *grins* Besides blow your sinuses out.

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