December 5th, 2008


Out of Office...

I am leaving to go to the Respiratory Therepist to see what if anything they can doo for me besides give me a new mask for the CPAP. I still think the pressure is dialed a little too low.

So...if you have any SAP Security issues in the next few hours, call someone that gives a shit....

I'm just too damned tired to give one....


PS: I won't be here on Monday either. Maybe Tuesday. 'K?

Well That Was Easier Than I Thought It Would Be

Met with the respiratory therapist went better than I thought it would. Got a new mask (I have to take them the old (new) one back on Monday). Just didn't think to take it with me, but I certainly do not wish to be charged for TWO! At 2 bills + that would just suck!

Got one just like the first full coverage I started with. Same model and all.

Told the guy what kind of issues I was having and he said he might agree that the pressure was set too low @ 8cm. And then said that he couldn't boost it without a prescription from the ENT's office.

I said, "We'd best get someone from over there on the phone then, because I'm not leaving until we adjust this damned thing. Because I cannot continue not getting enough sleep. This is unhealthy."

He then said he didn't think it would happen today. I said, "Gimme the phone then...And we'll see about that! How do you get an outside line here?" I reached over for the phone, and he said he would call them right now. And started dialing...

You reckon he thought I was serious?

Took him about 10 minutes to get someone on the phone that would tell him it was okay to boost the pressure, because as he said, "He is suffering from 'Air Starvation.'"

Ah. So now mine enemy hath a name! Air Starvation!

From Hell's heart I stab at thee! For Hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

He spoke to the doctor's PA. Whom I think was confering with the man hisself. Took them another 10 minutes of back and forth before I heard the magic words, "So I can boost him 2cm to 10?"


He hung up and readjusted the machine, and fit the mask for me.

And we were DONE! I was outta there...

It doesn't pay to fuck with a Sleep Deprived TexasT's

I was really close to my friends, Michele and Richard's house. So I gave them a call to see if some one was home. Michele was there and told me to "Come on by..."

That was a mistake...
Give a damn

Twitter And Tweets

I am feeling pretty *meh* lately about twitter...I just may let that go.

I ain't got that much to say in 146 words or less, as you may have noticed. *grins* I can be a little...Wordy.

Haven't been doing too many tweets or even monitoring all that much. Was kind of cool at first but now...

Not so much...