December 12th, 2008


Un-Fucking Believable

I just got another seriously offensive from some goddam right-wing bullshit artist. I don't have cut and paste on this damned phone otherwise I'd post both the email rec'd and my reply. I've had it with these self righteous assholes.

I urge you all to just stop putting up with this insulting shit. Just say no. The next time some neo-con fascist sends you anything you find in the least offensive, I urge you to stand up and say something about it. Tell them to take you out of their address book.
Say you don't talk like that. You don't think like that.

Tell them you are setting a rule in your inbox that trashes anything they send.

Yeah. Teddy-Bear my ass! This bear is gonna start biting BACK!!

I may still post that piece of shit when I get home!

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