December 20th, 2008


And Another Damned Thing!

I broke a tooth tonight. An upper back molar. And it ain't just cracked. It feels like at least half the tooth above the gum-line is gone.

The funny thing is...It doesn't seem to hurt at all at the moment. This leads me to believe that it was bad and had been for some time. And it is an UPPER molar so maybe this is what has been screwing with my sinuses as well.

As a precaution I have taken a handful of advil and laid in a supply of ORAGEL. So I'll be looking for a Saturday dentist tomorrow to either do something temporary until I can get to my dentist or just go ahead and yank the thing out.

To quote a blues tune...

If it wasn't for bad luck...I wouldn't have no luck at all...


All will be well.
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Weekend Update:

Spoke to a dentist from the office I usually go to this morning. She said since it isn't giving you any pain it is probably safe to wait until Monday. Just baby it.

Said she'll have somebody call me to get me over there on Monday morning. So I'm cool with that, but I'll keep the Oragel and Advil handy nonetheless.

alleycat2681 left this morning for Boston to rejoin her Disney on Ice troup. The Cool One has just strolled in with his mother, SHE. Already planning a party for tonight. Joy.

Priced some refurbed iPhone 3G models this morning. WANT!

Called The Offspring and we'll get together later today for dinner, drinks and honging outed-ness.

Weather is frickin' weird around here. Hot yesterday and today. Cold tomorrow 79F for a high today and 46F tomorrow. So it will get cold sometime tonight or early in the AM hours.

So now I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt and tomorrow it will be jeans, flannel and a parka!


Y'all be safe out there!
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