December 23rd, 2008


Hey There! You Up in Mesquite, Tx

You know what day it is Doncha!?!?

Sure you do!


Thanks for being you!

Oh! And we'd have put more candles on your cupcake? But the fire marshall said we'd better not.....


*ducks and runs for cover*
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Focus ~ Or Lack Of It...

Seriously...I can think of at least 5 other places where i would have more focus than I do here in Cube City today.

Reckon tomorrow will be worse...*sigh*

And yaknow it isn't because I don't have plenty to do. Because I do.

I would just rather be doing SOMETHING ELSE...Anything else.



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Because I Said I Would...

And only because I said I would. Do you know how hard it is to take and save a picture of yourself if you really are not particularly pleased with the way you look?

Well I do.

Anyway...New Specs are in...Thought I'd put these behind a cut so you don't HAVE to crack your display if you don't want to.

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Surely You Jest...But Sadly. Probably. Not.

After Apple began letting some slightly less tasteful but more humorous apps into the App Store, we figured we'd see a few fart button apps, but we didn't expect one to reach the #1 app sales slot. That's exactly what iFart Mobile from InfoMedia did, and you'll be surprised what the developer is raking in from it.

They posted sales numbers in a previous post, showing how sales for the app have increased as the app's ranking gets higher:

12/14 - 841 units - #76 overall
12/15 - 1510 units - #39 overall
12/16 - 1797 units - #22 overall
12/17 - 2836 units - #15 overall
12/18 - 3086 units - #10 overall
12/19 - 3117 units - #9 overall
12/20 - 5497 units, - #4 overall

Now, in the #1 position, they posted that their sales for the app leading up to the #1 position and the day they hit the top:

12/21 - 9760 units
12/22 - 13274 units, #1 overall

That means that in one day, the #1 app in the App Store raked in $9,198 after Apple's 30% cut. As amazing as it is to think that a fart app made over $9,000 in a day, the information also shows just how heavily an app's ranking in the store effects their sales. It should also be useful information for developers who want to know how much the #1 spot makes in a day.

Lastly, this also falls in line with a point made by Craig Hockenberry about how an app's quality and price factor into it's popularity in the App Store.