December 29th, 2008


Can This Tooth Be Saved?

And will it be worth it?

The endodontist says yes. It looks like it. But he won't really know until he gets in there.

So Root canal and a crown? Or pull it? I'll know more next week...When I go in for the root canal.


Then the appointment person offered me an appointment on December 31st. I laughed. So I have an appointment for the 8th of January. Need to take vacation that day. and probably the Friday as well.

A Few

  • 22:14 Back at the house... #
  • 15:45 @sereneorange yes. i. am. #
  • 16:39 @sereneorange What?! You mean it isn't?!? Uh-Oh... #
  • 18:32 Ok - is it just me or is LJ being funky tonight? #
  • 18:40 @longnwindngroad thanks. thought it might be firefox or something. #
  • 18:41 @sereneorange is that funkee? or funk-ay.. #
  • 19:34 Okay so lj finally went down. not even sure if even half the comments I made were actually saved. #
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