January 1st, 2009


Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters...

I think I drank half of all the Blue Moon Ale in Houston last night. And into this morning...Maybe all of it...

Finally got everyone at The Canadians settled down about 7:00 this morning. Fell asleep shortly thereafter myself...

Woke up at around 9-ish and threw myself into the car and drove myself home...

Shheeeeeeeesh. I need a nap!

Happy New Year!

Haven't blown one out like that in YEARS!
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Slept for seven (7!) (!!!) hours. Jeebus.

Woke up after 5 this afternoon. It's dark!

I sure had a good time last night and into the morning...But the rest of my day was shot to hell.

Need food.

Happy New Year, Y'all!