February 3rd, 2009


So Y'all Think He Can Fix the Party??


You are kidding me right?? No? The GOP is in even deeper shit than I thought...

Joe the Plumber to advise the GOP...

When GOP congressional aides gather Tuesday morning for a meeting of the Conservative Working Group, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher – more commonly known as Joe the Plumber — will be their featured guest. This group is an organization of conservative Capitol Hill staffers who meet regularly to chart GOP strategy for the week.

Wurzelbacher, who became a household name during the presidential election, will be focusing his talk on the proposed stimulus package. He's apparently not a fan of the economic rescue package, according to members of the group.

If nothing else, GOP aides are using the appearance to get staffers to attend the 9 a.m meeting.

“In case you weren’t planning to attend CWG tomorrow morning, you might want to reconsider because Joe the Plumber will be joining us!” Kimberly Wallner, an aide to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, wrote in a message to her e-mail list this afternoon.

Last month, Wurzelbacher did a brief stint as a war reporter for the conservative web site pjtv.com.

Via politico.com

TexasT's sez "Gimme a fuckin' break!"


Probably shouldnta

But I went to Luby's for dinner. And I see they have boiled cabbage. Now your T's loves him some boiled cabbage. Don't ever get it at home, because I'm the only one in the house that likes it. I also saw, after I got my entrée, they also had liver and onions(!) Another delicacy that only I appreciate.

Didn't get it though. Maybe next time.

The cabbage? YUMMY

One happy boy tonight, I am.

So. How's it with you?

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