February 7th, 2009


A Few Twits...er...Tweets

  • 20:16 At the geek gathering. Def the biggest crowd of geeks I've seen in awhile. 'cept mebbe on my floor at work. Course most of them don't know #
  • 20:17 They are geeks and nerds #
  • 20:21 One of the staff lit the patio heaters. WTF?!? Technology at it's warmest! #
  • 21:07 Bailing from the gathering. Had rough week. Nice to meet jay @baldheretic though. Jay. Tom here. #
  • 17:50 @baldheretic nice to meet you last night...Who was the tall fella that works renfaire? #
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I stubbed my little toeon the door frame of my closet earlier today. I didn't really think too much about it. Gave me pause a few times tonight though.

Getting ready to lay down in the bed to read just now, I of course, slipped my shoes off. The toe greeted me with a lovely color of purple! This indicates to me anyway, a little more than a sprain! Heh!

That and the fact that it is twice as big as it should be...

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