February 19th, 2009


At the End of Another Long Day...

Was a woolybooger of a day too.

Meeting first thing out of the chute with My Asian Overlord and HIS Boss...Goals setting session...I just love those...NOT!

But I've got a shitload of work to do tomorrow, Goals related and the regular stuff too. I've got to set my windoze machine at work to start my upgrade to Vista for when I leave work so when I get in on Monday hopefully I won't lose a FULL day (ONLY HALF!!) to this.

So this means a backup of all my current (and let's face it ~ my not so current) work. I do these periodically so that shouldn't take too long. But some clean up is in order as well.

I'm told this is not going to be painless, nor seamless. Great. But it will be shiny and different, and hopefully without too many issues. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

At any rate I have to get something uploaded as far as goals go...The in between the lines stuff I got from him was this was only going to be a first pass, and it didn't need to be chipped in granite yet.

I don't suppose they'd like it too much if I just put in:

Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit ~ Bullshit

So been thinking about it today and I have a workable plan I think that will benefit them and me. For both goals and training.

As was said by one of my friends today:
"I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! ~ "

Can't say I disagree with the sentiment.

One small annoyance since we moved cubes to the other side of the building...One of the ladies that is over here spends all effin' day on the phone. In meetings, of course. But she talks so loud that everyone on the west side of the floor heard all about ALL of her current projects.

Think I'll type up a little note and ask her (for all of us) if she can tone it down some. She was driving most of the folks in my workgroup to putting on headphones. Or leaving the area. And we weren't the only ones either. So glad I got noise cancelling headphones. They are effin' amazing. But I cannot wear them all day!

So someone needs to say SOMETHING! She's probably not even conscious she is doing it...I hope. So I'll be nice and polite and see if that will get the rest of us some relief.

At the very least she could take her laptop and find a touchdown room and do these things in there. It would save the rest of us a few headaches and lost productivity.

Been a lot of long days and short nights so far this year. This is not going to work for me.

So that's all the news from my little corner of Cube City.
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