February 22nd, 2009


Jeezus! What a Day!

Semagic is Love

I had forgotten just how much I like Semagic. If you don't know, Semagic is a full featured posting client for LJ. Beats the hell out of any client for Macs in my opinion. But hey I like the client I use for my mac too. It just isn't as robust as Semagic is all.

Cruised into my office today to check on my windows install. We're upgrading in phases to Windoze Vista. And it is my turn. So to have as little down time as possible I set it to run the upgrade when I left work yesterday.

So because I have no life *grins* I went downtown to check on it and maybe get a jump start on any problems that might arise. I mean come on, it is Vista installed over a network connection, how could there be any issues??

A Case For Cloud Computing

Knew I was going to have to do some re-installs of software, and tweak the outlook settings. I do NOT like the new Outlook by the way...It looks to be seriously over engineered. At any rate I took my mac with me and a book. And a magazine. And my iPod. And a set of headphones. Installing software is the most boring thing there is. And The Offspring and BF had asked me to review or critique a new blog they are starting for one of their endeavors. I had given it a once over in the morning and had already made some notes and was gong to make some more while taking care of my Vista issues at the office.

And there were and are, some issues. A lot of re-installs and a few Outlook issues as well. And I didn't get to a lot of them. For one I don't have Administrator access to modify certain directories...DUH! Help desk call on Monday. And how the hell do I install my PST's in Outlook? And boy is that screen set up frickin' ooooogly.

So I was about some SW installs, got my mac out of the bag and turned it on. Got the ever comforting *booooong* start up tone. So I stepped away to go down the hall and get a cuppa...And make a pit stop. Got back to the Cube of Wonderfulness only to find a blank screen on the mac. WTF!? Shut down and rebooted several times...It started but no display. Even slipped over to and empty cube and swiped a spare *heh* flat panel and hooked it up. Nothing. I can hear the drive spinning but no display.

Turn to my desktop and pull up the Apple website to set an appointment at the genius bar of a local Apple Store for about and hour and a half in the future. Pack the damned thing back in the bag and turn to the tasks at hand. Set an alarm to get me out of Cube City in plenty of time.

But here's the dealio with the cloud computing piece of this...The docs I needed for my critique of aforementioned website were (and still are, presumably) on my mac of course. Now if I had saved them to the intarwebs in google docs or some such other platform in the cloud, I could have gotten through a lot of it. As such I'll now have to recreate the documentation I had already done...Bleh...

So without that stuff available to me I actually got a little further a long with the work stuff. But I may still have to spend half a day getting the rest of it together.

Then my alarm went off...

To Those of You That

Maintain two (or more) blogs (ex wordpress and LJ) and seem to be able to post simultaneously. Your lj posts are typically are typically prefaced with something like this:

Originally published at Blah.blah.blah.com. You can comment here or there.

How do you connect the two? I've wondered about this for a while now. I want!

The Seamlessness of the Webisphere

So I quietly started a facebook (and if you know my name you can find me there, I think) account two or three weeks ago. I think the interface kind of sucks on facebook. But I'll keep fooling around with it. Maybe I do need one of these:

Facebook for Dummies - Thanks serene_orange!

Didn't fool around with it much until today. But isn't it amazing how different apps or sites seem to work together. And fairly easy too. In one afternoon I was able to link my livejournal account to my facebook account. So now LJ updates my facebook status.

Looking at some other folks on facebook I was able to determine that it is possible to have twitter do status updates as well. A quick search for the Application on FB gave me another way to update.

So to update Twitter I user either the web, DestroyTwitter, or Twitterific, via my iPhone. Twitter now updates facebook and livejournal.

To update LiveJournal I can use the regular update from LJ itself. Or on a PC, Semagic (remember Semagic is Love). On my Mac, I'd use Phoenix. Which is also pretty good. Now on my iPhone I use the ljapp (and I cannot find a decent link for it). Which now that it is (more) stable it is really kind of nice to use.

And I downloaded the iPhone app for facebook (FREE!) today as well. I think it has a better interface than facebook itself.

There's even a lastfm application in Facebook as well.

And they all seem to mush together and it seems to just work...


A Few Twits...er...Tweets

  • 22:20 Just set my old PC up in my office...Back online! WoOt! #
  • 09:05 @Quinonostante When you added me was it a random thing or do we know each other from somewhere? #
  • 09:26 Good Chron feed at houston-chronicle.alltop.com #
  • 10:13 At luby's for bfast buffet. It's ok. But I crave something mo bettah #
  • 10:17 What us this facebook thing I have joined? And what do I do with it now that I'm in? Are there lessons or instruction? *grins* #
  • 14:49 @longnwindngroad Done and done! #
  • 14:49 @baldheretic Address? #
  • 14:50 @roobarb not on this side of the pond. #
  • 15:52 Well I am getting hungry and since no addy was forthcoming from @bladheretic *grins* I need to deal myself. #
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